DNS / DHCP Server
Honeypod network controller is a lightweight but powerful DNS/DHCP server on your private network replacing the pre-existing server provided by your ISP. When a DNS lookup request occurs from your client (an internet connected device) the request is routed through a black list of fully qualified domain names (FQDN) as well as through a custom pre-taught machine learning classification algorithm.

If there is a match by either the black list or a high potential by the classification algorithm, the request is denied. This denial is a refusal to resolve the request by simply denying outside network access resulting in a 503 network error (Service Temporarily Unavailable). A 503 Service Unavailable error is an HTTP status code that means the website's server is either down, congested, or simply just not available at this moment. Unlike software or browser extensions, this is one way that Honeypod is able to remain undetected without leaving a footprint.

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